The Richness Academy courses aim to bring out how a common man can become an affluent person by following simple guidelines. Irrespective of the earnings or assets owned, the insights mentioned in these courses are, in fact, implementable in everyday life. Hence, these courses unleash the path for the mediocre to become rich and the rich to become exponentially wealthy.

The primary concern behind giving life to these courses is to create awareness among people for today and even tomorrow. These courses also include various tools and illustrations that can be handy for the students. The shared tips and tools are doable since people have been using them in their life. Besides, these courses have downloadable templates, exercises, examples, videos to watch and much more.

The sole purpose of these all-encompassing courses is to empower the readers to think and plan a prosperous life. After completing these courses, you will start to gain positive beliefs and live the life of abundance you deserve. It would help if you increased the power of your mind to open all the possibilities of having more money. You can then invest based on your beliefs and not go by “hearsay”.

Your investments are always based on your value systems. Moreover, these courses spotlight the value systems you need to be a money magnet. While all endeavours have been made to shine the torch on all the aspects of creating a prosperous life for the common man, these courses are not to be taken as any substitute for financial planning or investment processes in any way. Professional and expert guidance is strongly suggested to ensure you gain full benefits.

In a nutshell, these courses are an endeavour to transform your life in the field of finance.

"Taresh's workshop gave great insights. How to change my mindset on how to earn and grow my money...Learnt how to create financial freedom... change your mindset... If you can reprogram your mind...learnt financial tools..."

-Participants from a workshop
Investor Awareness Workshop

Taresh has conducted hundreds of Investor Awareness Workshops and seminars since 2002. He is an outstanding speaker. He incorporates powerful stories and tangibles tips to inspire any audience internationally.
Book Launch Workshop

Taressh Bhatia's first book launch-The Richness Principles was successfully done on 23rd January 2020 in New Delhi. Enriched experiences were shared by a panel of 8 eminent persons. Taressh shared his story and background of the book.
Online webinar

Covid did bring in the dire need for online webinars, and Taresh perfected the art and science of conducting meaningful webinars. His studio is a state-of-the-art setup and incorporates the best recording equipment. Trained in public speaking and online webinars, Taresh regularly conducts them every week. 

Hi, I’m your coach and founder of The Richness Principles Academy

Hi, I am Taresh Bhatia, author of the book- “The Richness Principles”, now a best-seller on Amazon.

As a financial freedom specialist, I help individuals and families to be financially free. In addition, I am a consultant to those seeking freedom from money worries.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Pro,  based in Gurugram, India, specialising in fee-based financial planning and investment advisory.

My webinars and live online courses attract people across India. I am the creator of the “The Richness Principles Academy” courses online.

I earned my MBA  at IMI, New Delhi and have more than 35 of experience.

You can find me taking photographs or on a road drive when I’m not consulting with my clients.

Having helped thousands of people organise their financial life, I am on a mission to transform how India looks at money, thereby triggering a financial revolution.